Student Accommodation Service

Students Accommodation Barcelona & Madrid | Erasmus Flatshare

  • Rent a room fully furnished, utilities included in our students accommodations at shared flats in Madrid and Barcelona.
  • Shared flats, fully equipped bathrooms and kitchen, Hot water, Heating, Microwave, Oven, Washing machine, Clothes line, fast wireless Internet access and a weekly cleaning service for the common areas.
  • Be safe signing a contract with all the warranties of Secure Payments Company, the period of time you will need supported by Spanish Leasing Law.
  • Our compromise with repair service less than 72 h to give you maximum comfort.
  • Take part of our Erasmus Private Club, get free access to our Parties to now more than 200 Flat Mates of all of Erasmus Flat Shared flats.

Students Accommodation Services
The goal of Erasmus Flat is to make you feel at home. Our students accommodation rooms are locate in the heart of Madrid and Barcelona.

We organize activities. We want you to remember Erasmus Flat as the best experience of your life.

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Students Accommodation Cleaning Services:

Erasmus Flat has a cleaning team that is in charge of keeping all the common areas in perfect condition. The areas that we try to maintain are the living rooms, bathrooms, dining room and kitchen. With this we facilitate the coexistence between each member of the house and keep the students accommodation in the best condition. Our clients enjoy a pleasant stay and the owners of the properties are satisfied with our work.

Room Furnished

The shared flats of Erasmus Flat are all furnished. The rooms have large closets, a double or single bed, a desk, a bedside table with lamp and a trash can. The kitchen is equipped with a washing machine, microwave, oven, hob, cooking utensils.

erasmus madrid
erasmus madrid

Students Accommodation Individual Contract

Each contract is private and personal. The price for each room is different, depending on its characteristics: size, lighting, balcony, windows, etc. All contracts must be signed by the person who will reside in the room and approved by Eramus Flat. Such contracts may be renewed as long as there is a mutual agreement.

Shared Flat Expenses included

The rental of the room into a shared flat includes the community expenses, cleaning service, Wi-Fi, electricity, gas, water and activities organized by the company. Payments must be made on the dates stipulated in the contract. The lack or delay of a payment can lead to the expulsion of the tenant. Our booking team will be available at all times to report on the status of payments and will contact any tenant if necessary.

The price of processing the rental contract is € 250, VAT included. The client must accept the conditions of the room rental contract and an electronic evidence validated by a supplier accredited by the Ministry of Industry will be generated.

erasmus madrid
erasmus madrid

Roommates Adaptive activities

Eramus Flat collaborates in the adaptation of its tenants with activities like guided visits by the city of Barcelona and Madrid, excursions to monuments, attendance to spectacles, etc.

Maintenance Crew

Erasmus Flat pays attention to the needs of its clients. The maintenance team responds immediately to resolve any problems the tenant may have.

erasmus madrid
Student Accommodation Service
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