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Secure Online Shopping

At erasmusflat.com we use a very advanced technology to maintain the high levels of security of our online platform. Our secure server (SSL) encrypts all the personal information you provide before completing your reservation (name, address, details of your card, etc.).
The card you are going to use for payment of the reservation will be stored securely by our Payment Services Provider, which complies with the highest levels of PCI security in order to store such information.

This will allow subsequent payments to be made on your card as a monthly rental, rental deposit, or over consumption expenditures concept, will be charged directly to your card without having to re-enter it. In case you cancel this card or expire please contact us to update said information.

Requirements to rent a room with Erasmusflat 

  • Individuals between ages 18 and 39
  • To have a student agreement with a local University, an internship contract or a work contract.
  • To sign the rental agreement, the cohabitation rules and to make the payment of the deposit (to book) and the first month of the rent.

Rental periods

  • Minimum stay period (A): From September 1st, to December 31st. Four months must be paid in full.
  • Minimum stay period (B): From January or February to June 30th. Five months must be paid in full.
  • Exceptionally check in/out in the months of January, February , July and August. Proportion of the days will be paid.
  • In any case, during the months of July and August the minimum stay is one month.

Cancellation Policy


  1. Purpose: The payment of the deposit guarantees the fulfillment of the minimum stay established in the reservation process. As well as the contract and the cohabitation rules, that the customer get the compromise in this booking process, to sign at the arrival day before keys delivery. It is forbidden to use the deposit to pay any month of the rent.
  2. Amount and method of payment: The amount of the deposit is the equivalent to the price of one-month rent. It will be paid in two times, first 300 € in the gateway booking process. The remaining amount of the deposit will be charged before the keys are handed over, on the credit card used in this reservation process.
  3. Mechanism and necessary conditions for the recovery of the deposit: Erasmo Flat will be in charge for the return of the deposit, which will be returned once the following points have been fulfilled:
    1. To have paid the entire rental payments and that there’s no consumption over the limits established by contract. If there’s any bill that goes beyond the limit established by the contract, the proportional part (dividing the excess by the persons that live in the flat) will be deducted from the deposit.
    2. To leave the room in the same conditions as in the moment of the check in. All the elements of the room will be checked.
    3. The return of the keys.
    4. The fulfillment of the rules of cohabitation.

At the end of the stay and after verification of the above mentioned points, the deposit will be returned, on the credit card you are using in this booking process, within the following 40 days after the departure and delivery of keys by your part. All fees will be paid by the customer.

[alert type=”e.g. block, error, success, info” title=””]4. Fast Booking Cancelation


Only the 50% of paid deposit at the reservation process will be returned back if you decide not living in the flatshare, till first 24 h of your arrival. You must give back the keys before 24 h of your arrival, and leave the room clean and in the same condition you have found. Cancellations after the first 24h of your arrival, will loose 100% deposit.[/alert]

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