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Enjoy this exclusive student Housing Madrid in Goya neighbourhood

One the most influential painter Francisco Goya, he was famous for his paintings from the period the romanticism and rococo movement.   That’s why this popular neighbourhood is call Goya also the Spanish awards that focus on art and the film industry.

If you are looking for variety and exclusivity, all Goya is the best option to go.
The best clothing stores, shoe stores, beauty and make up stores are here. Think about the accessibility of having your Erasmus room Madrid so close to this famous area… Do not think twice! Also, the historical, huge and beautiful buildings are next to you, walking down to main Goya street you will find them. Make pictures and enjoy the main street of Salamanca. The student housing Madrid is waiting for you!

Part of this emblematic Goya area, you could find: The National Archaeological Museum. It is a museum suitable for everyone. This museum has three floors, and in it you can find objects and sculptures found in Spain, of all cultures that have lived in the country, at different times in history. From Prehistory, the Ibera Era, the Roman Era, the Andalus, the Medieval Era and the Modern Age. Among the sculptures include: the Lady of Elche, the Lady of Baza, the sculpture of Livia, a Neperian Abacus that is gorgeous, and Visigoth Crowns, and many other objects and sculptures. The interactive information panels are very good and the exhibitors with videos that allow understanding what are you looking at.

In addition, in the museum garden there is a reproduction of a part of the Altamira caves. The visit is highly recommended to admire the collection of books, magazines, manuscripts, prints, posters, sound recordings and other wonders. Perfect place to think about student Housing Madrid. Just Goya is full of Art.

Lázaro Galdiano Museum is a great unknown in Madrid cultural routes. You have a bit of everything in the same installation. Quality in symbols to its rich art gallery, we must add the collections of sculpture, drawing, prints, jewels, textiles, numismatics, miniatures, weapons, ivories, bronzes, silverware, not forgetting its wonderful Library where we can enjoy from an original copy of “Buscón “to a copy of the” Liber Chronicarum “, or a” Ceremonial of the Kings of Aragon.

The famous Wizink Center, where important concert takes place, also it is well connected by public transport: metro, bikes and buses.

Student Housing Madrid in Goya you can find:  Plaza Colon a unique square in Madrid, a lovely square with plenty space to relax and walk, Near this square there are many places of interest. A square where they used to celebrate sport events and art demonstrations.

The square is large and full of shops around and bars with history. I really like walking through this area, there is always a good atmosphere. Madrid and it´s wonderful streets

You could live in this street perfectly since it has everything… shops and more shops, supermarkets, tapas, restaurants, art galleries; sports activities… even museums and churches. Not bad, right?

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